Saturday, 7 July 2012

Badger photo's from a sett in the darren valley

 These photo's were taken many years ago there were a total of 5 badger cubs using this sett, i presume there were two sows using this sett as 5 cubs are unusual for 1 sow (normally 2-3), the photo below of the cub taken food out of hand is roughly about the age they venture out of the sett, but they don't venture more than a couple of yards from the entrance, Until they get more confident and bigger.Even though i used to feed the badger,s bread i wouldn't recommend doing it again from personal experience, the cubs got too friendly with humans and they were seen out in the middle of the afternoon strolling up to to people without a care in the world, and with there being a lot of dog walkers around i wouldn't recommend it for the safety and welfare of the badgers

The cubs when they are older