Sunday, 30 June 2013

Kenfig rivermouth and Llanilid

Scorpion fly panorpa communis llanilid
Bee orchid llanilid
 2 forms of blue tailed damselfly llanilid

common blue damselfly llanilid
azure damselfly

grass moth
crambus lathoniellus
Eyebright euphrasia officinalis
brown china mark moth elophila nymphaeata
narrow leaved marsh orhid
plume moth
southern marsh orchid
slow worm
hairy dragonfly kenfig
great crested newt
 small skipper
azure damselfly

scarce blue tailed damselfly
narrow bordered 5 spotted burnet

Moth light at Ban-y-gor, Glos last night.

                                 Scarce hook tip
                                 Beautiful hook tip
                                Blomers rivulet
                               Lime hawkmoth.
                               A good night with 70+ species recorded.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Stuff from Portland, Dorset, weds.

                                 Portland bird observary lounge
                                 Bee orchid
                                Cream spot tiger
                                Small pearl bordered fritilliary
                               White point
                              Roadside flowers and Portland bill lighthouse.

Some stuff from the river Avon and Shapwick heath, Somerset on Weds.

                                 Small yellow underwing
                            Stathmopoda pedella
                             Banded demoiselle
                           Brown hawker
                             Chimney sweeper
                                 The forester
                                           Lizard orchid
                                        Cheddar gorge
                                    Cheddar pink
                                    Shapwick heath
                                   Wood tiger
                                   White legged damselfly

Sunday, 23 June 2013


Robber fly paritamus geniculatis                     
Twin lobed deerfly chrysops relictus

Blue green Lacewing chrysopa perla

Garden tiger moth caterpillar
Male fairy moth nemophora degeerella
Pyramidal orchid
Azure damselfly
speckled bush cricket
4 Spotted chaser
Bramble shoot moth epiblema uddmanniana
Burnet moth caterpillar
Flower beetle oedemera nobilis