Sunday, 29 September 2013


A walk down the llynfi river was quiet, the riverbanks are still like a jungle with japanese knotweed, a chiffchaff was singing in the sewage works but wagtail numbers were low, highlight was a kingfisher on the river.
Maesteg Cemetery area-cwmdu, a lot of birds moving through house martins out numbering swallows, lots of pipits with occasional skylark,very windy.
Top of Llangynwyd, 1 redkite over waun y gilfach, 5 buzzard in ploughed field with a small flock of linnets fluttering around the fields.
 Yellow dung fly (scathophaga stercoraria)
scathophaga stercoraria are sexually dimorphic insects with an average lifespan of one to two months
they mainly prey on small insects but can also consume nectar and dung.
Eristalis tenax
Eupeodes species
Bog hoverfly (sericomyia silentis) 
lime speck pug caterpillar 
Flea beetle (neocrepidodera transversa)
Speckled wood butterfly
Red admiral
Martyn is this the red form of silpha atrata beetle?
[yes I'd go along with that - Martyn]
send me the grid refs for both beetles so I can add them to the valley database. 


Paul Parsons said...

Caterpillar looks like Lime speck pug.

Paul Tabor said...

thanks paul