Sunday, 6 October 2013

Mynydd ty Talwyn - Kenfig rivermouth

Mynydd ty Talwyn 
2 wheatear along the road

Kenfig Rivermouth
A couple of sand martin passing through with a slow passage of swallow and house martins. 2 water rail, 1 heard and 1 seen (flew up from flooded footpath), just a couple of chiffchaff, 2 sparrow hawks, 1 kestrel, a couple of pipits and skylarks over, comma, red admiral and small white on the wing, southern and migrant hawker,s, also with plenty of common darters
Red Admiral
Sawfly? macrophya annulata not sure on this one any idea Martyn?
Rush veneer moth
Common field Grasshopper (chorthippus brunneus)
Phalangium opilio (harvestman) spider
Meadow Grasshopper (chorthippus parallelus)
Diamond back moth
Southern Hawker
Common Darter
Angle shades moth
Dock Bug (coreus marginatus)


Paul Parsons said...

First moth is Rush veneer and the second is Diamond back moth, both migrants Paul.

Paul Tabor said...

thanks Paul