Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Rare Fly (atylotus rusticus)? waiting for confirmation probable atylotus fulvus

In July i photographed this strange looking fly that was sunning in next doors garden, my first thoughts was a hover fly species, but after failing to find a hover fly species that looked like this, i turned my attention to a bee species but still after extensive search could not find anything, so i just left it go unidentified until i came across it again while sorting through my photo's, i placed the photo on face book to see if anyone could identify it, and Geri Foster Thomas did manage to identify it as a member of the tabanidae or horsefly as we know it. It's one of a group of very similar species known as the atylotus group otherwise known as the golden horsefly group. The group of 4 species are all rare. The only species that is known to be recorded in wales is the actual golden horsefly (atylotus fulvus) which has been recorded from near the south wales coast but also flushed from 300m up in the welsh mountains. Geri Thomas as advised me to get the record into SEWBREC as soon as possible which i have done, i'm waiting for a reply from SEWBREC to confirm this and hopefully have a bit more  info on this species.



Barry Stewart said...

Great pics of a stunning fly

Paul Tabor said...

Cheers Barry just wish i knew sooner what it was.

Paul Parsons said...

Excellent record Paul.

GMT said...

Paul T,

Paul P posted it on the East Glam blog. I think it is A fulvus not rusticus. The latter is greyer and dead rare.

I'm no expert though - just going by Stubbs & Drake (British Soldierflies and their allies) and online pics.

Still an excellent record if it is fulvus!


Paul Tabor said...

Yes thanks George, i'm waiting for confirmation, from Sewbrec, they have informed me that rusticus is very rare and lacks the black in the eye that my species has, and is prob the fulvus but they are going to look into it a bit more as they are not 100% sure,they going to pass it onto the relevant people, should know for sure in a day or two thanks for that anyway and like you said still a nice find all the same. Paul

Paul Tabor said...

George i'm not ruling out atylotus loewianus what do you think

GMT said...

Paul - as far as I know loewianus hasn't been recorded in the UK, which doesn't entirely rule it out of course, but does make it pretty unlikely!