Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Walk around the valley

Lap around the valley this morn few meadow pipits on the way to cemetery redwings, song and mistle thrushes, blackbirds and usual tits in the cemetery.  no ring ouzil up at cwrt y mwnws but a welcome goshawk excellent veiws aswell.. not a great deal but a very enjoyable day good weather aswell speices seen... meadow pipit, redwings, thrushes, goldfinch,bullfinch,pied wagtail and the usual species of tits robins etc.. goshawk and kestrel excellent views and some nice pictures good day


Cwrt y mwnws waterfall

                                                    another by cwrt y mwnws waterfall

                                                   Goldfinches feeding on thistle

Vagrant emperor

A very startled kestrel

Pied Wagtail


Paul Tabor said...

Craig i'm not 100% because the photo of the dragonfly looks like a vagrant emperor dragonfly hopefully Paul and Martyn can have a look and see what they think.

Paul Parsons said...

Vagrant emperor, looks like a female. Excellent find Craig!

Iain Lambert said...

Not thistles but Lesser Burdock dude