Thursday, 2 January 2014

Llangynwyd sewage works

A walk down beside the river produced 2 chiffchaff and 1 woodcock in wood at the back of the works and the highlight was the closest I've ever been to a wild sparrowhawk, whilst trying to photograph a long tailed tit, an imm male sparrowhawk flew in and chased the tit around the tree landing up on branch out of view, so i slowly kneeled down to try and zoom up to the bird which was being blocked by ivy when the bird suddenly took off again chasing a blue tit around  the tree and eventually landing  on a dead Japanese knot weed a foot away from my face, i was frozen into position unable to move whilst we both stared into each others eye's for about 10seconds before he flew off again, AMAZING experience.
Also i came across this long jawed orb weaver spider

Long jawed orb weaver spider's are sometimes called common stretch spider's.The elongated body can vary in colour from creamy yellow to green or pale brown.The legs are a yellow brown colour.The scientific name tetragnatha means four jaws and these spiders do have some seriously large food processing utensils attached to their heads. The jaws known as chelicerae are hinged with their fangs at the tips.When mating the male has to lock his jaws onto the females to prevent her from eating him. When frightened the spider's lay flat out with their legs stretch out in a straight line.

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