Thursday, 13 February 2014

Gannet blown inland

This Gannet was found in a lane by a friend of mine waiting for the rspca to come and collect it.
A monster of a bird close up

 The rspca finally turned up to collect the bird this am they going to take it to gower bird hospital to weigh it and feed it and hopefully release it when this nasty weather improve's  the sign's are good for a happy outcome.
 It swallowed 2 large mackeral that i filleted


David Gilmore said...

Looks like the first record for the Llynfi. Have the boys 'ticked' it off yet?

Paul Tabor said...

No David it was found in pyle, i could have said nothing and released it outside martyn's house, that would have been fun lol.I could claim it as a garden tick though lol

Martyn Hnatiuk said...

HaHa! - Youll have to go some to beat Leach's Petrel window tick

Paul Tabor said...

Yes that's a good one that martyn lol