Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Pwll yr lwrch today

Yesterday Anthony williams found a couple of ring ouzels on the upper slopes of mynydd pwll yr lwrch at the side of cwmdu (old st johns colliery). I decided to go up and take a look myself when i found a male and 2 juv birds dropping out of a hawthorn tree and onto the floor to feed. After about half hour they flew around the side into the fern's so i decided to walk around the side to see if i could get views of them feeding on the ground, and as i passed the large holly tree it exploded with birds mistle thrush redwing and more ouzels. As the ouzels gave off their alarm calls then the 3 on the floor took off to join them. A total of 7 birds were in flight together they looped over then landed on the grassy hillside near the summit, with the rain setting in i decided to walk home. As i proceeded down the hill a large flock of mistle thrush were fluttering across the fern from one hawthorn to another and there were another 2 ouzels (juvs) with them, that makes it a total of 9 birds altogether, but i suspect there could be more there but need 2 sets of eyes. They seem to like the little scrub of willow/hawthorn west of the holly tree and i suspect they use the holly to roost in, 6 birds were still present today feeding in scrub mentioned above.
Also 1 kingfisher on the river llynfi beside the sewage works llangynwyd

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