Monday, 6 April 2015

Sewage works llangynwyd

Hundreds of platycherius albimanus on the wing today feeding on the lesser celandine in the wooded area just before the sewage works, also double figure eristalis pertinax whizzing about in the sun, 1 syrphus species was on the celandine and i've been waiting to see bombylius major (large bee fly) then 2 turn up same day, no sign of any swallows or sand martins and only 1 blackcap singing which was disappointing considering the warm weather at ty-maens farm. Butterflies were 2 comma a few small tortoiseshell and 5 brimstone, still waiting for willow warbler to make an appearance.

syrphus species

eristalis pertinax

bombylius major

lesser celandine in woods

platycherius albimanus

marsh marigold caltha palustris


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