Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Out of the area the weekend at the Lake district and Co Durham.

                                      Castlerigg stone circle on a frosty dawn.
                                     Red grouse male.
                                      Red grouse female.
                                      Red grouse.
                                       Derwent water
                                      Golden plover
                                      Lake district
                                     Ashness bridge
                                     Castlerigg at sunset.
                                     Birding highlights were 2 Black tern on lake Windemere,
                                     Tree pipit and Redstart at Arness bridge and plenty of
                                     Displaying Snipe, Curlew and Red grouse on the moors
                                     in Co Durham.


Paul Tabor said...

any pieds Paul?

Paul Parsons said...

No, but I didn't really look hard, the Treepip and redstart were right by the road.

Colin Richards said...

Nice shots Sid, I was in Co Durham on 26/04 for 5 days with visits to Cumbria and Northumberland. Highlights were Dotterel on two different fells the usual breeding waders on the moors and great views of Ring Ouzel.

Colin Richards