Sunday, 7 June 2015

A walk up garnwen forest today

 3 new species of hoverfly to add to the valley list today from a walk through the fire breaks and along the forestry track at garnwen also a full list of species seen today

Eupeodes corollae 5
Episyrphus balteatus 5
Pipiza austriaca 1 (new for valley)
Platycherius granditarsus 4
Platycherius rosarum 1
Eristalis species 6 mainly on hawthorn flower
Syritta pipiens many on hawthorn flower
Cheilosia species 10
Syrphus species 3
Melanostoma species 2
Meliscaeva cinctella 4
Sericomyia silentis 2 on hawthorn flower
Xylota segnis 6
 Xylota jakutorum (female) (new for valley)
Melanogaster hirtella 1 (new for valley)
Rhingia campestris 1 
Sphegina many 

Xylota jakutorum this is a new species for the valley its closely associated with decaying conifer timber especially in recently felled areas where it breeds in rotten stumps.

Pipiza austriaca is also new to the valley found in a ditch at first on buttercup.This is amongst the largest of the genus but fairy easy to reconise with the black clouds on the wings.
Melanogaster hirtella is also new to the valley
Also on the wing large red damselfly common blue butterfly and Burnet Companion


Martyn Hnatiuk said...

Your photo of Small Yellow Underwing is a Burnet Compaanion

Paul Tabor said...

cheers martyn