Thursday, 18 June 2015


A half hour walk with the dog after work was rewarded with another new hoverfly for the valley microdon myrmicae/mutabilis, probably myrimicae because of location but mutabilis cant be ruled out because adults cant be seperated, Adult myrimcae live in the nests of the ant myrmica ruginodis, and mutabilis larvae live in the nests of the ant formica lemani and the only confirmed records are from northern scotland, its a scarce hoverfly but quite widespread.Also a new hoverfly for my garden in scaeva pyrastri, other hoverflies on the wing were syrphus species 4 platycherius rosarum, episyrphus balteatus 1 and a couple of cheilosia species.

microdon myrmicae/mutabilis
Parasite wasp species 

chrysopilus cristatus
Syrphus species
scaeva pyrastri

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