Monday, 13 July 2015

Garnwen in the rain and aberbaiden lanes

Agriphila straminella
 common green grasshopper
 Eupeodes corollae
 Common green grasshopper
 Scaeva pyrastri
Syrphus species
 Another long horn beetle Rutpela maculate seem to be a lot of these about at the moment
 Another Tabanus horsefly i think its Autumnalis waiting for confirmation
 Ammophila sabulosa
 Xanthogramma sp
 Cheilosia variabilis
 Haematopota pluvialis (common horse fly)
Sphaerophoria species


M.Bevan said...

Some great shots and love the cover shot of the garden tiger

Martyn Hnatiuk said...

The adult grasshopper is Meadow Grasshopper. The instar is probably the same but hard to tell from photo. This genus is not as straight forward as you may think due to colour variation, number of instars etc. Learn the Top 5 Common species chirps - all different and ID will be much easier.