Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Hoverflies and other insects in cwmfelin

Had a tip off Paul Parsons about habitat for hoverflies in the new Parc tir larll community woodland park in cwmfelin so i decided to give it a look after the rain had stopped it was still very windy so wasn't really expecting a lot to be honest but by the end managed a tidy haul with 2 new hoverflies for the valley and only the second record for glamorgan the last being in 1978 on one of the hoverflies.

Xylota xanthocnema this is new for valley and only the second recoord for glamorgan it can be ID by the golden patch of hairs on the end of the abdomen along with the all yellow hind tibia as shown.

Here we have the second new hoverfly for the valley Xylota sylvarum very similar to xanthocnema but note the dark patch on the hind tibia not all yellow as on first image.
Volucella pellucens 

Eupeodes corollae

This isnt a hoverfly but a pipunculid fly or big headed fly

Epis tessellata

Rupela maculata or black and yellow long horn beetle

Eristalis arbustorum

Syrphus ribesii

Ancistrocerus species?

Cheilosia pagana note the huge orange frons on the female

Myathropa florea lots of these on umbellifer flower heads

Syritta pipiens

Red legged shieldbug Pentatoma rufipes

Cheilosia illustrata
Episyrphus balteatus


Martyn Hnatiuk said...

The vernacular [English] name for Rutpela maculata is Black-and-Yellow Longhorn Beetle.

Paul Tabor said...

cheers Martyn i've ammended the title