Thursday, 30 July 2015

Purple hairstreak butterfly

I decided to take a stroll around the fields around the old cemetery area and council yard after work when i came across what i thought was a common blue butterfly sitting on umbellifer flower but after taking a closer look i could clearly see that it was not a common blue, in fact the underwing detail was something that i hadn't seen before so i took a few photo's and then encourage the butterfly to open its wings by encouraging it onto my finger. Once on my finger the wings opened to reveal a purple/blue patch on either wing, i instantly thought purple hairstreak but had my doubts as i thought you would only come across these in oak woodland, and as i've never seen one before was really happy to confirm the ID of a female purple hairstreak once i got home and also add a new species of butterfly to the llynfi valley list - Sorry Paul there has been 5 other records from 1999-2002 during a butterfly survey by Mike Clark. 1st one photographed though - nice [MHn]
Thanks for clearing that up Martyn (PT)

also Physocephala rufipes

Grypocoris stysi a conspicuous bug

Gold-ringed dragonfly

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Paul Tabor said...

Cheers Martyn might be worth checking the oaks in the cemetery for more purple hairstreaks