Thursday, 13 August 2015

Llangynwyd moth light last night. 56 sp in total.

         Marsh oblique barred
         Lesser swallow prominent
          Pebble prominent
          Also a cracking sunset and a few meteors seen after 12:30.
          Oddly, I heard a brief snatch of a Nightjar churring.


Paul Parsons said...

Also had the now split from Prays fraxinella, P. ruficeps, No 897 for the valley....

Martyn Hnatiuk said...

Nice one - Haven't seen Marsh Oblique Barred for a while either

Martyn Hnatiuk said...

On Mapmate there have been 6 records under fraxinella of Dark/rustica forms and 1 ruficeps form - guess these will have to be re-assessed now.