Friday, 11 September 2015


A very windy garnwen didn't produce much in bird life and hoverflies a single kestrel hovering and a few passage swallows were all the only birds of note. There were limited hoverflies on the wing also due to the strong wind but the highlight was my second sighting of Eristalis rupium which was also from this square the first time i ever witnessed one back 2 years ago. Eristalis rupium is a rare record from southern britain as most records come from the north and west as shown on map below. I think my 2 sightings are the most southern recorded in britain.
Today's Eristalis rupium and one from 2 years ago below
Note the large chocolate patches on the wings and the pale hind metatarsus which lacks on other eristalis species.

Also i came across this Eyed ladybird below that feeds on pine aphids its our largest ladybird and has usually has 15 or 18 spots

There were a lot of Syrphus ribesii below on the wing today with 11 in total

Another hoverfly was this female  Cheilosia impressa below the female's are easy to ID because the combination of all black legs and the yellow bases to the wing should make this straight forward

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