Sunday, 6 September 2015

Parc slip nature reserve

Had my first ever Didea fasciata hoverfly today at the reserve also some of the other wildlife that was seen including last weekend, also at Mynydd ty talwyn a few stonechats and a single wheatear along the roadside at summit.

Didea fasciata

Syrphus ribesii

Fleabane tortoise beetle

Red admiral

Platycheirus granditarsus 

Cheilosia pagana note the huge red antennae 

Eristalis pertinax

Eristalis horticola

Female stonechat

Carrion crow

Xanthogramma pedissequum

Puff balls possibly stump puff balls Lycoperdon pyriforme

Dark bush cricket

Riponnensia splendens another new hoverfly for me

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