Sunday, 18 October 2015

mewslade gower

A walk down mewslade valley this morning with Colin gittens and Paul parsons, plenty of birds fluttering through the scrubs along the path both sides with the usual tits goldcrests and chiffchaff among them also plenty of thrushes mainly black birds and song thrush with the odd redwing there. Along the clifftops were kestrel chough raven and a single wheatear, Paul also had a single whitethroat. Overall much bird life but no rarities until we arrived back at the farm near the main road where we spotted a few larks sitting on the barn roof, a quick glance and we could see instantly the wing patch on the side with a very short looking tail confirmed that we were looking at 3 woodlarks. A very happy ending to our walk !

 Woodlarks- you can clearly see the wing patches and short tail projection that you would probably struggle to see in vegetation in the field. and below you can see the eye stripe that extends to the back of the head almost touching forming a v effect

 A pair of kestrels
Fox moth caterpillar a coastal species
Female kestrel

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