Monday, 27 June 2016

Darren valley this afternoon

Sicus ferrugineus


Phasia hemiptera



Paul Seligman said...

I'm glad I looked at this as I saw the first image (Sicus ferrugineus) and realised it's probably the same as one I photographed in the Garw Valley yesterday. Anyway, I have a starting point.

Paul Tabor said...

Paul check them all out as you might come across the rarer abdominalis :)

Paul Seligman said...

Thanks, Paul. I always get flies confirmed by experts e.g. on the dipterist Facebook page or via contacts, but it's nice to have a starting point. Better than having to say 'no idea, what is it please?'. It's not a group I'm passionate about ((except hoverflies)) and I have no reference books but I try and record as much biodiversity as I possibly can.

Paul Tabor said...

Conopid in the myopa family