Tuesday, 14 June 2016

New hoverfly species for the valley

Martyn Hnatiuk had a Parhelophilus species flying around in the woodland just before the sewage works woodland in llangynwyd but couldn't get a photo. There was a break in the weather on Sunday so i decided to take a look and after an hour or so i managed to locate a pair next to the stream where Martyn had seen one previously. They are a very smart hover but very difficult to pin to species in fact i had trouble telling the males and females apart as the eyes on both sexes don't meet at the top of the head where as on other hovers the males eyes touch on top of the head, female Parhelophilus has a tapered abdomen but this isn't as obvious as i was expecting in the field.There are 3 species in all, the two commoner ones are P.frutetorum and P.versicolor and the third which is rarer P.consimilis which is darker and more yellower than the other two. P.frutetorum has long haired tubercle on the underside of their hind femur but despite trying to get reasonable photos of the hind femur it wasn't enough to convince the experts that this was P.versicolor as the angles of the photos just wasn't good enough so i think another try to get this to species is on the cards if possible photos below

here is a photo above that i've downloaded that shows the tubercle of hairs on hind femur of P.fruteforum


Paul Seligman said...

Great pics and a nice record if pinned down. Frustrating when you think you got all the images and it's not quite enough to pin it down.

Paul Tabor said...

Yes Paul very frustrating but Martyn has nailed it now to versicolor :)