Sunday, 3 July 2016

Aberbaiden lanes yesterday and cwmdu today

A walk along woodland between road and opencast produced some interesting species of flies and hovers, after checking every Rhingia campestris over the years for the rarer rostrata i eventually come across one here to my delight. Also i came across a new hoverfly for the valley and a lifer for myself in Criohina berberina, although i was unable to get a photograph as proof so i wont be adding it to valley list until i can get photographic evidence, so hopefully another visit on another day one may show up.Also..........

Tabanus sudeticus

Rhingia rostrata

Chrysotoxum festivum

not sure on this one but i believe it to be the rare hybomitra distinguenda yellow horned levels horsefly waiting for it to be confirmed 

Chrysops viduatus square spot deerfly

Keeled skimmer
 Parhelophilus species a hint of tubercule hair present but not enough to convince the experts

Tacchina grossa

tree bumble bee ? Bombus hypnorum


 Xanthagramma stackelberg

Xylota xanthocnema

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