Thursday, 28 July 2016


A new species of hoverfly to add to the valley list Helophilus hybridus i found today feeding on hogweed in field next to the cottages at shwt at first i thought it was Helophilus trivittatus because it had the larger yellow abdomen markings that you expect from these 2 species but smaller on the more common H.pendulus. The difference between the three is trivittatus lacks the strong black facial stripe that the other two have. This species had a strong facial stripe so to separate it from the common H.pendulus you need to check the hind tibia. In H.pendulus the apical  is a third black but in H.hybridus the apical is half or more black as shown in pictures below

as you can see on the hind tibia on above image the black extends over half way compared to the pendulus below

Helophilus pendulus

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