Monday, 31 October 2016

Middletown, Gower yesterday. PP, PT.

    The worms head.


   Bloody nosed beetle.

    Pallas warbler.

    Pallas warbler.

    Pallas warbler.

   Hume's leaf warbler.

  Hume's leaf warbler.
  Paul and I did the western tip of the Gower yesterday, starting at Middleton, where a possible
  Hume's leaf warbler was reported calling the day before and plenty of Yellow browed warblers,
  amongst other things, had been seen the past week. Two other birders were there at first
  light and it was initially quiet, although a Yellow browed warbler showed after an hour. After
  another hour, and with only YBW and Chiffchaff seen well, we decided to walk the Vine lane to
  the coast and loop back through the fields. There was good vismig, with thrushes aplenty and
  around 4000 Wood pigeon going over west. A pair of Chough were on the cliffs and flocks of
  Starlings, Skylarks and a few Reed buntings were in the weedy fields. On walking back up the
  lane, we stopped to photograph some insects and I heard a warbler call in the hedge behind us.
  On searching for the bird, it flew right past me from behind and low to the ground. A green  bird
  and square yellow rump could only be one thing, it faced me as it landed and I called to Paul,
  "Pallas warbler!"  The bird was quite showy for a  few seconds, then became quite mobile,
  moving up the hedge towards Middleton. I managed a short burst of record shots but within
  around two minutes, it flew into a dense patch and that was the last we saw of it, despite a
  search. Back at Middleton, we spent another couple of hours in the garden, hearing and
  seeing another YBW, then, just as we were about to leave, the distinctive call of a Hume's
  leaf warbler. It popped up in an Apple tree and was visible for 30 seconds or so, long enough
  for a few more record shots. Not an easy bird to catch up with, but we got lucky eventually.

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Martyn Hnatiuk MartynH said...

Nice find with the Pallas's [who needs Norfolk]. Got the Hume's today . Maybe 2 Watched one in the garden while another was heard calling across the lane near Middleton Farm, but never saw it. Black Redstart also on rooftops of the community Hall there. What next????