Friday, 24 March 2017

Sewage works llangynwyd

A nice spring afternoon so had a little look in marshy area of wood for hoverflies and wasn't disappointed with 7 species on show
  • Episyrphus balteatus 5
  • Eristalis tenax 11
  • Eristalis pertinax 3
  • Platycheirus albimanus 50+
  • Syrphus species 2
  • Cheilosia albipila 1
  • Parasyrphus punctulatus new for me 
Also had first Bombylius major (bee fly) of the year feeding on lesser celandine

Cheilosia albipila note pale antennae C grossa is black
 Parasyrphus punctulatus note the golf club shape spots on abdomen and all black hind leg

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