Saturday, 20 May 2017

Maesteg cemetery

I've been visiting the public footpath at the back of Maesteg cemetery the last 2 weeks to see what hoverflies are visiting the sycamore trees that are in flower there, and i was blown away by the amount of different species that are flying back and fore the sunlit area late afternoon. Criorhina species are not the easiest species to come across, as an example i only came across C.floccosa once last year and that was my only encounter ever, so it was nice to have my second sighting earlier this year at the sewage works in llangynwyd. However after visiting the cemetery area the past few days i managed to log a new species for the valley list in C.berberina followed by C.floccosa and C.ranuunculi in the same day in the same spot which is pretty amazing Martyn managed to get C.ranuunculi for the first time earlier in the year after a few attempts to locate it in its traditional old oak wood habitat over the Darren woods. Following that i also managed to find another addition to the valley list in Rhingia rostrata after checking almost every R.campestris that i've come across the past few years in hope of finding one the main ID to look for between the two species is the dark edge that runs along the abdomen as shown in images below. Other hoverflies of note that i came across in the area are Epistrophe nitidicollis and Platycheirus tarsalis

 Platycherius tarsalis

 as you can see R.rostrata above lacks the darkened edge of R.campestris below
Epistrophe nitidicllis below

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