Tuesday, 15 August 2017

Garnwen 12/8/17

    Cheilosia bergenstammi

    Platycheirus rosarum

    Eristalis arbustorum

    Eristalis pertinax

    Conops quadrifasciatus.


Martyn Hnatiuk MartynH said...

Your Cheilosia is bergenstammi and not pagana. Pagana has black tipped orange antennae and bare eyes, while bergenstammi [food plant Common Ragwort] has orange antennae without the black tip, hairy eyes and black ring on mid and hind tibia - all of which are shown in the photo. I had 8 here today.

Your nemorum has yellow/orange front tarsi and quite a thick wing stigma mark making it pertinax. Nemorum has dark tarsi and an almost pin point stigma.

I am no expert on conops, but looking at the key I have, it looks more like Quadrifasciatus - black and yellow abdomen, yellow jowl (side of face), non thickened hind femora, black scutellum without yellow tip (from this angle anyway) - have it checked out on Facebook Conopid page to be sure. I haven't recorded either in the valley, check with Paul to see if he has. If not it's new for valley either way.

Paul Parsons said...

Ok, cheers Martyn. The Conops is correct, just called Quadrifasciata in the book, must be a name upgrade.