Wednesday, 27 December 2017

Margam park/Abbey.

     There has been an unusually large influx of Hawfinches into the UK this autumn, with birds
     being found all over England and some flocks reaching Wales. On November 9th, I was in
     the hide at Kenfig pool when I heard that 6 Hawfinches had flown north west over the pool.
     I decided to look for them at Margam park, the most likely location for them to stop.
         I was in luck! Ten minutes after parking at the abbey church, all 6 birds flew around the
     churchyard and dropped into a large Yew tree. I got further brief views of them feeding on the
     Yew berries and put the news out. Rob Jones was soon there and managed to see them well.
         I have been back there half a dozen times and have only failed to see them once, many other
     local birders have been to see them also. The birds seem to have spread out over the area and
     I have noticed they are hanging around in singles and pairs. This morning there was one just
     inside the park entrance gates, one in the abbey car park and a pair in the abbey Yews.
        There seems to be enough berries in the trees to keep them in food for a while yet.

        Hawfinch in Yew

     Hawfinch in the abbey car park.


      Long tailed tit


      Song thrush


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